The Board of Directors is thrilled to announce that Out & Sober Minnesota is officially a 501(c)3 non-profit organization!

Out & Sober Minnesota is volunteer-led organization that was started over 30 years ago by members of the LGBTQ community. Since then, the organization has grown to serve members of various 12 step and recovery programs and was fiscally sponsored by Rainbow Health Initiative.

We are grateful for the tireless work of our previous board members and the community we serve. We continue to be a fellowship that:

  • Welcomes all
  • Supports all forms of recovery
  • Provides tools that can be used to lead clean, sober, and productive lives
  • Demonstrates that recovery can be fun, fulfilling and enriching

We continue the work of destigmatizing addiction and alcoholism by being OUT about our recovery and being OUT as members of the LGBTQ community.

We also thank our sponsors who have supported our work over the years: Adobe DeSigns LLC, Helms Briscoe, PRIDE Institute, Rainbow Health Initiative, Twin Cities Leather & Latte and Wayne Zink Foundation. As a non-profit organization, our work continues much as it has, with a few more goals on the horizon; we hope to share more with you as they come to fruition.

Join us in celebrating this wonderful achievement by making your financial contribution TODAY for National Give OUT Day (Tuesday, August 2, 2016) by clicking on the button below.

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With tremendous gratitude,

Kevin Champion, Chair

Michael Bak, First Vice Chair

KT Reilly, Second Vice Chair

Joe Hager, Treasurer

Alfred Walking Bull, Secretary