Out & Sober Minnesota will be volunteering with The Aliveness Project to provide a Thanksgiving meal to those living with HIV/AIDS in Minneapolis. Join us for fellowship and a great service work opportunity! Sign up for shifts by clicking here!

What: Thanksgiving Gratitude Fall Feast

Where: 3808 Nicollet Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55409

When: Wednesday November 22, 2017

Shifts Available

10 AM-Noon: Prep (cook/bake, set-up, clean-up, greet)

Noon-2 PM: Lunch Service/Host (refill beverages, make coffee, engage with members, serve. pick-up dishes from tables, wipe empty tables, refill desserts, serve meal at counter.)

2-5 PM: Host (Games, bingo, arts and crafts if we can get supplies, story-telling, engaging, social hour, serve desserts, plate snacks, clean kitchen, clean dinning hall, set-up game boards, game coordinate, card making)

*meanwhile cooking is being done in the kitchen between 2-5

*more desserts can be baked then too.

5-7 PM: Dinner Service (Serve, pick-up dishes from tables, offer refills, offer seconds, engage with member, clean empty tables, refill desserts, serve food from the counter, clean kitchen, take out trash, put food away, greet members at the door, send people off with a treat bag and a happy thanksgiving, someone would go up in front the crowd and thank them for coming and for allowing Out and sober Minnesota be a part of this. Wrap up and be out by 7:30.)

To sign up for a shift click here!